What Can I Do To Save Water?

What Can I Do To Save Water?

There are tons of different ways to save water, and you know what, most of them are really simple, they just take a little bit of thought on your part, that’s all. Nothing fancy, just a slight change of habits. And I’ll tell you something else too, as you save water you’re not only saving energy and the earths resources, you’re also saving your money. Just think about it this way, every time you leave a faucet running your money is simply running down the drain along with the water.

Top Tips to Save Water

  • About a third of the water we use every day is flushed straight down the toilet. If your toilet is one of the older kind (the newer ones are more efficient) then it can help to put something heavy into the cistern (a brick might work) so that you actually use less water each time you flush, and don’t flush it every time you blow your nose and put a tissue in there, it really isn’t necessary.
  • Hose pipes use tons more water than is actually necessary. Don’t wash the car with a hose, either visit one of those car washes which use recycled water or get out a good old bucket and sponge.
  • Showers use much less water than a bath, but if you have one of those super duper massage your head power showers you’ll still be using far too much. Switch shower heads, or at least turn off the water while you shampoo.
  • If you prefer to bath, bath with a friend – in the name of water conservation of course.
  • Mend all dripping faucets, that’s right, it’ll only take a couple of minutes, save you loads of water and also get rid of that annoying little drip drip drip noise which has been aggravating you for months. Do it – NOW.
  • Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth, keep turning it off while you brush.
  • Only use the washing machine or dishwasher when you have a full load, don’t keep putting it on until you really need to – or if there’s a half load water setting don’t forget to use it.
  • Water your plants in the evening when you’re going to lose less to evaporation.
  • Make sure that your sprinkler is only sprinkling your lawn, not the drive way, the side of the house or the fence too. If it is, adjust it – if it’s not on an automatic timer then don’t forget to set your cell phone alarm or something to save you leaving it on for longer than is necessary.
  • Water running down the plug hole is water wasted. If it takes a couple of minutes for the hot water to come through, save the cold water which is running and use it to water the plants or something like that.
  • Keep a bottle of cold tap water in the fridge for when you need a drink, this will save you having to run the water to get it nice and cold.

Learn more about the EPA and water or US water resources

Last but by no means least: A little piece of advice from an Irish friend, drink less water and more Guinness!